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An article about ancient beauty – thanks Sci-Guru !!

The figure shows an ancient cone shell under normal light, then UV light, which reveals beautiful fluorescing colors. Reverse imaging of the UV picture provides an image approximating what the shell might have looked like when the organism was alive.

From Hendricks: Glowing Seashells: Diversity of Fossilized Coloration Patterns on Coral Reef-Associated Cone Snail (Gastropoda: Conidae) Shells from the Neogene of the Dominican Republic. Jonathan R. Hendricks. PLOS ONE, 2015.

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Amazing research studying aquatic microbes…. those at the very deepest levels are a category called ‘heterotrophic’ – which means that like us they eat plants and animals…. interesting to consider just how bacteria at these depths locate food!  organic material sinking… material from the cliff-sides, and living species.

Right above the deepest bacteria in the abyssal area, see fig, the bacteria use methods called chemolithotrophy – using inorganic sulfur for example


Ancient Britain – Early Wheat

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Amazing underwater archeology – finds ancient wheat ! golden-wheat-psd-material_35-53663 wheat-field-22

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Sci-guru site is fantastic!

Great current news about ongoing science breakthroughs…

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LOL, no bias – but I have two articles there.


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